Sunday, August 9, 2009

New England Vacation Day 2

Next stop: The Daniel Rust House Bed & Breakfast in Coventry, Connecticut!

We stumbled upon this B&B through This was such an awesome find! An amazing, historic B&B that was dog-friendly and beautiful!

Avi led the way...

And was quite elated at his find.

We got a great walk in before the rain. Did I mention how great it was to have a walk with our boy in a new place.

After a very yummy breakfast the next morning, Avi got in a little morning playtime with Seabiscuit, a Great Dane/Greyhound mix.

There was lots of chasing around and Avi really seemed to enjoy running around off-leash.

But the best part was when we started tossing around a ball. Seabiscuit chased the ball... Avi chased Seabiscuit... Seabiscuit fled the scene... Avi stared a little confused at what to do next.

We highly recommend the Daniel Rust House B&B. Make sure you stop by if you're in the Coventry, CT area. We'll definitely keep it in mind when we're on our next trip to New Hampshire!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

New England Vacation Day 1

Aimee, Avi, and I took a vacation to New England last week. It was a chance to camp with Avi (new experience), visit Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, and hang out with a bunch of Aimee's friends from college (not to mention lots of other dogs)!!

We left Baltimore for our first stop: Promised Land State Park in northern Pennsylvania.

There's nothing like a dog-friendly state park to feel like your on vacation. Lots of beautiful woods and lakes and birds singing. We bought a bigger tent so that we could sleep on our air mattress and leave Avi enough room to curl up on a comfy blanket beside us.

Camping with Avi was AWESOME! He slept well and he was eager to hike on the trails with us as we checked out the park.

Our favorite spot in the park was a wildlife conservation viewing area. We hiked back a trail to a hut-type viewing area where you could look out over a marshy area of the lake.

We saw a few bald eagles fly overhead, in addition to hearing the chirping bull frogs while the sun was setting. PERFECT first day of camping!

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