Sunday, December 28, 2008

Outgrowing His Toys

We've got a very big dog (at least that's what visitors think... we don't think he's quite big enough yet, hence the cheering every time he weighs in a little heavier than before).

In any case, with a big dog comes powerful teeth, and Avi the Destroyer has torn up his share of toys (sorry Marley... he's also torn up his share of your toys!). It's funny that he's still got his favorites, though. For example, he's had the squeaky tire form the picture above since he was a puppy. It no longer squeaks... and now he can crunch the entire toy tall-ways in his jaws. I'm sure if the rubber shows a single crack, a single sign of weakness Avi can exploit, it will be destroyed. For now, thank goodness for its elasticity!

It's just funny that the simplest toys keep him entertained.

By the way...

Fun Fact: The tire toy has a 4" diameter. Avi is approximately 8 tires tall and 11 tires long (from nose to tail).

Isn't it fun to measure in non-standard units?


Monday, December 22, 2008

First Snow

We haven't got much snow yet, but the one or two snow dusting have completely mystified Avi!

He also seems to be very interested in eating the snow, unless this is just a side effect of sniffing for a good place to do his business. It's entertaining to see him take a few steps, sniff the ground, then lick his nose (rinse, repeat...).

In all of the busyness of the holiday season we've also set up our Christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments. Avi's been excellent at not eating the pine needles, although he tail is quite destructive. His typical routine is to walk to the tree, sniff a branch, turn around, and wag his tail. ...let's just say we made sure the fragile ornaments were well above the tail line.

Looking forward to updating more often.

Happy holidays!


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