Saturday, November 15, 2008

Defeated by Jolie

Avi met a new friend recently: Jolie, the pug puppy. Jen and Mark let us watch Jolie while she ran the grueling Marines Marathon. Little did Avi realize he was in for quite a marathon himself! He was quite surprised by her energy (at only a little over 8 weeks old) and I'm sure he was very confused at how something so small could move around so fast!

Jolie seized the opportunity to make her move... first darting to and fro in the living room, wearing Avi down.

...then swooping under his belly to nip at the backs of his legs.

And when Avi finally gave up and plopped down on the floor...

...she showed him who was the real boss :)

But really, we had a great time with little Jolie. She took down our colossus and charmed the pants off us.

One day Avi's going to have to realize just how big he is, but until that day... Jolie is the reigning victor.


Avi Settles In

We're settling in. Or perhaps we're settled. Either way, Avi is still growing! We've nearly hit 80 lbs (at almost 8 months) and we've got great space in and around our new house.

We've had the most fun walking Avi across the street to the high school where we can walk on the nature trail (and desperately try to avoid picking up deer ticks) and enjoy a great run around off the lease on their practice field. We've even accumulated a football and a tennis ball on , but he still loves playing with his Kong and chewing on his bone.

Of course, neither of us can get enough snuggle time with our boy. He's more than content to curl up beside ue (or around us) at any available opportunity.

It's good to be loved.


Avi Wordle

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