Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Changed Man

Well, Avi went through some changes this week. Poor boy. Let's start by clearing the air... I think I've been taking the surgery a lot harder than he has. But then again, he's got good pain killers.

So, Avi was neutered this week. He was so happy to visit the vet (see above). We've got a great vet with loving technicians and a very clean, well-kept facility. He seems to enjoy meeting the other animals sharing appointments during his visit and, of course, he never has the slightest clue as to why we're visiting.

We dropped him off in the morning, picked him up after school, and took Thursday off school to be home with him. The vet techs said he didn't bother his stitches during his entire visit, but we bought a "lamp shade" from them to be safe.

Well, wouldn't you know that he was itchy from having so much hair shaved and, consequently, was licking around his stitches. He had to wear the lamp shade as a precautionary measure but, as you can see from the photo above, he now looks more like a traveling party dish for chips and dip.

No worries. We only put the cone on when we cannot supervise him (such as when we leave for work or over night while we sleep). Still, it has made for some great photos!

No puppies for this pooch.


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