Thursday, July 16, 2009

Final Weigh-In

As of the most recent vet appointment,

Avi is 116 lbs!

Our vet said that's a good weight and he really shouldn't be any heavier.

...that's a lot of dog!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Friends

We had a couple of visitors last week and Avi fell smitten. Her name is Jillian and, though she may not have met a dog as big as Avi in her short life thus far, Avi may have actually been the more curious of the two.

Below we see a sort of London Bridges, as Avi makes rounds from child to child.

But he soon settles in close to Jillian.

Smitten with his new love, he stays close at hand until...
Jillian decides to explore the piano with her older brother. Though Avi's as tall as the paino bench, the bench isn't as mobile and is therefor a safer bet. Avi wanders off dejected...
...but is much happier upon discovering Jilian's diaper bag and a canvas book that's soft on the teeth.

Ataboy! Way to promote literacy while being unflinchingly cute (and yet very suspicious) at the same time!


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